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Panasonic, the pioneer in the DV tape developments, now introduces a line-up of DV tape, which is designed for professional usage. After 25 years of extensive research, Panasonic has developed a new evaporation technology named S-AME(Super Advanced Metal Evaporation). With the new process, it is now possible to improve magnetic density 400% over current type. High Output Power Comparing with current tape, the power has been increased 1dB, thus more precise and secure recording became possible. Superb Linearity Thanks to *DLC and original tape base formation, the tracking gap has been minimized by 0.5um. This ensures high performance even in severe conditions. Low Head Wear With our original dry type lubricant, video headwear is much less compared with other tape brands (-7um after500H.). Also, it prevents head clog to occur.


  • 63 Minute

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  • Panasonic AY-DVM63PQ Mini-DV Master Quality Cassette

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