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Yongnuo YN608 Ø50cm LED Ring Light with Adjustable Colour Temperature & Remote Control


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Brand new to the Yongnuo line-up — the extremely bright YN608 LED ring light! A ring light is a very popular lighting accessory for portraits, make-up tutorials, macro & product photography, vlogging and video etc. They create the ever-popular “donut” catch-light that emphasises the person’s eyes. Ring lights are becoming largely popular with video bloggers (vloggers), too. The ring light emits a flattering light that fully envelopes a person’s face – resulting in shadowless portraits that look clean and professional.

New LED Technology

The new proprietary LED technology nullifies the effects of flickering, light pulses, inconsistent colour temperatures and overheating. The YN608 is ideal for video and Youtube videos.

Colour Temperature Control

This LED has an adjustable colour temperature setting that ranges from 3,200K to 5,500K. An adjustable colour tempature is a vital feature because it enables you to match the colour of the LED light with that of the ambient light. When done correctly the effect of the LED light will look far more natural and less artificial in combination with the environment. TheYN608 uses one half 3,200K LEDs and one half 5,500K LEDs. The two groups of LEDs can be individually adjusted until a desired colour temperature is achieved. Please note: The overall intensity of the light will depend on the selected colour temperature and colour.

Light Intensity Control

The overall light intensity of the YN608 can be adjusted anywhere between 0% and 100%. This allows you absolute control over the amount of you light you need per given situation. The light can be adjusted in small 1% increments (fine) or in broad 10% increments (coarse). The intensity of the light is controlled via the remote control.

High Colour Rendering Index

The YN608 adopts ultra-high CRI LED lamps with a rendering index of higher that 95%. This enables highly-accurate & faithful colour rendition within video recordings and photography.

Lithium-Ion Battery Powered

The YN608 can be used with specific lithium-ion batteries (see bottom of descriptions for a full compatibility list). This gives you the option to use the LED panel on-location and away from electricity. The YN608 can use up to two li-ion batteries. Please note: The two batteries independently power the 3,200K and 5,500K LEDs. This means if you want to fully utelize the YN608’s maximum power and full colour temperature spectrum, you’d need to use the maximum of two batteries.

Soft Light

The YN608 features a built-in diffuser as standard. The diffuser creates a softer quality of light that is far more flattering for your subjects.


  • Light source: 608 LED beads.
  • Luminance angle: 55°
  • Color temperature: 3,200~5,500K.
  • Color rendering index: ≥95.
  • Output power: 36.5W.
  • Lumen: 4,864LM.
    Average service life: 50
  • Power supply: 2 lithium batteries (not included) or external 8V or 5A DC power supply
  • Weight: approx. 1,795g.
  • Dimensions: approx. 525x525x45mm

What’s in the Box?

  • YN608 Ring Light
  • Carry Bag
  • Power Supply
  • Remote Control
  • Instruction Manual

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Yongnuo YN608 Ø50cm LED Ring Light with Adjustable Colour Temperature & Remote Control

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