Savage Paper Floor Drop Aged Brick
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Savage Paper Floor Drop Aged Brick

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    Want a location shoot without the logistical headache? The hassle of trying to find new areas that match your vision, scheduling, fees, working around ideal daylight etc. can be time consuming. Savage Floor Drops offer the perfect solution. Their amazingly lifelike, detailed, and dimensional patterns allow you to bring any location right into the studio. This also means you will never be caught off-guard by bad weather. From sophisticated polished wood flooring found in the most suburban cosmopolitan homes to rough brick that gives you a gritty urban feel, you can bring any locale right to you. What's more, is that they can transform from a floor drop into a backdrop as well, so you get double the use out of this fantastic product. You can also roll them up for easy transport. The patterns are printed on thick, premium quality polyester material which is easy to clean. They have a heavy duty non-slip rubber background


    • Heavy duty non-slip rubber background

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    • Savage Paper Floor Drop Aged Bri

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