Lanparte Aluminum Rod 200mm
Lanparte Aluminum Rod 200mm
Lanparte Aluminum Rod 200mm
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Lanparte Aluminum Rod 200mm

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    These short rods are suitable as a framework to build an industry standard 15mm rail system/configuration. They can also be used to extend any existing rig. Each rod has a threaded hole on both ends. This allows multiple rails to be attached end to end, using threaded coupling adaptor screws (sold separately). These rails are machined from lightweight aluminium alloy, using CNC techniques and hard anodised in black to provide a finish which is highly durable, and very resistant to scratching (a far superior durability when compared to cheaper powder coated parts). The LanParte Rods are excellent and affordable rods that work great with your Shoulder Rig. As previously mentioned these are solid aluminium rods anodised in black that can be extended with our LanParte extension screws.


    • Special anodic oxidation surface.
    • scratch proof.
    • high precision.
    • bevel edge process.
    • rod is extendable .
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    • Lanparte Aluminium Rod 200mm.

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