Fat Gecko Bike Mount
Fat Gecko Bike Mount

Fat Gecko Bike Mount

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    Impossible Shooting Angles, Made Possible. Adventure-seekers, commercial photographers and amateur filmmakers alike will appreciate the functionality of Delkin Devices' Fat Gecko Bicycle Handlebar Mount. A lightweight, yet rugged build keeps your digital device secure and stationary for hands-free use in the most extreme situations.

    This sturdy handlebar mount uses a solid steel clamp to attach to your bicycle's handlebar bolts, ensuring zero damage or slippage at its base.
    Our bicycle mount is ideal for SLR, video and compact digital cameras, but is also compatible with any threaded device up to 6 pounds.
    With an adjustable extension that straps directly onto your bike stem, the Fat Gecko Bicycle Handlebar Mount enables photographers to achieve multiple shooting angles while in motion!

    Fully functional and manufactured with superior quality, this device is a must-have for all photo enthusiasts.
    Capture Every Adventure, On and Off Your Bike. Unlike other mounts that clamp onto your handlebars and have the potential to slide around, the Fat Gecko Bicycle Handlebar Mount attaches securely through the very same bolts that hold your handlebars to your bike stem.
    Our universal design allows for single, double or three bolt patterns and ensures a strong reliable hold without the jiggle or vibration that other systems experience.

    Through rough terrain, dust, dirt and crashes, our mounting technique withstands harsher riding and transportation conditions with less damage to the bike and camera equipment than any other photographic mounting system..


    • Bicycle Handelbar Mount
    • For large or small cameras
    • Durable

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    • Fat Gecko Bike Mount

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