VIOFO A118C Car Dash Camera
VIOFO A118C Car Dash Camera
VIOFO A118C Car Dash Camera
VIOFO A118C Car Dash Camera
VIOFO A118C Car Dash Camera
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VIOFO A118C Car Dash Camera

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    Capacitor Powered (No Internal Battery) - Functional for Longer Batteries are often the first component to fail in any electronic, but dashboard cameras are particularly vulnerable to battery related malfunction. This can unfortunately lead to costly or time consuming repairs relatively soon after purchase. Mounted on your windshield, a dash cam is directly exposed to intense sunlight and heat, elements that take an especially heavy toll on battery life and function. Powered by capacitor, the A118-C completely bypasses the problems inherent to battery use. As opposed to battery power, a capacitor is operable in much higher temperature ranges (like those in the steamy interior of your car), and doesn’t sharply degrade over time in function and durability.

    Crystal Clear 1080p HD Video and Audio Recording, Compatible with up to a 32GB M The A118-C gives you a number of video recording options. Choose between faster paced, 720p recording at 60 FPS or detail-rich 1080p recording at 30 FPS. In darker environments, the camera’s WDR technology and night vision help minimize any drop off in footage quality.

    Built-in 1.5 feet HD Screen - Review Your Footage Anywhere at Anytime From proving you didn’t in fact run that red light, to re-experiencing a beautiful road-side scene that passed by all too quickly, the ability to review footage you’ve just captured is not only convenient, it’s essential. The A118-C lets you immerse yourself in footage wherever you find yourself. Wide-Angle 170° Recording Field - Capture Truly Road-

    Encompassing Footage While many dash cams limit the scope of your footage with 120°-150° viewing angles, the A118-C’s 170° viewing angle lets you take in the full scope of the road. The enhanced, wide-angle view gives your recordings a panoramic quality that truly encompasses your surroundings.

    Loop Recording Overwrites Older, Unsaved Footage, Saving You the Time and Hassle You buy a dash cam for those infrequent moments when having footage that backs you up can mean huge savings in time and money. The rest of the time, it’s a pain to manually delete that uneventful footage. Fortunately, loop recording automatically overwrites your oldest, unsaved footage.

    G-Sensor Detection Recognizes Sudden Acceleration Shifts and Automatically Saves Working alongside the A118-C’s loop recording feature, the camera’s G-sensor recognizes sudden acceleration shifts resulting from sharp braking or an accident, and automatically saves the current recording segment from being overridden.

    Optional GPS Module Accessory Enables GPS Logging and Speed Stamping The Optional GPS module accessory (not included) lets you log your GPS coordinates along with your driving footage. This lets you peg the footage you’ve captured with the precise location you captured it in. The GPS module also functionally enables speed stamping on your footage.


    • CAPACITOR BASED MODEL - Uses a Capacitor as its power source - no internal battery, 140°F heat resistant
    • MADE OF Novatek NT96650 Chipset + Aptina AR0330 Lens - Provides low power consumtion, but high definition video compression and smooth imaging
    • VIDEO RECORDING - Full 1080P HD Recording at a Smooth 30 FPS and 720P at 60 FPS with Night Vision, WDR Technology and Automatic Motion Detection
    • COMPACT & CONTOURED DESIGN BUILT FOR DISGUISE - A118-C camera slots in slightly above & in front of your rear-view mirror and looks like any other part of your car
    • EXTENDED 170° VIEWING ANGLE - Gives your recordings a panoramic quality that encompasses both sides of the road, and it’s surroundings

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