Lavalier Covers and Stickies

Lavalier microphones are great if you need to get good quality audio with a low signal to noise ratio. It can, however, become tricky when you need to hide your recording equipment from view, such as in the case of filming for a television show or in windy conditions. This is where lavalier stickies and overcovers can help. Lavalier stickies are hypoallergenic pads that can be used to attach a lavalier microphone directly onto the skin or to clothing. Lavalier overcovers provide excellent wind noise protection. They have a fur cover and are supplied with stickies. With a sticky attached to the subject, a fur disc can be placed over the top of the lavalier microphone, thus offering protection against wind noise.  

Rycote Stickies - Lavalier Adhesive Pads

R 289.99

Rycote Overcovers - Lavalier Wind Cover and Adhesive Mount

R 339.99

Rycote Undercover - Lavalier Wind Cover and Adhesive Mount

R 289.99