Headphones help with monitoring audio while filming or recording audio. They also help to isolate additional sounds if having to follow an audio track, without compromising the current recording. In the context of mixing audio, they help with identifying the smaller details in a mix more easily and to better balance audio.

Shure - SRH550 DJ Headphones

R 1,349.99

Sennheiser HD4.20S Headphones

R 1,551.99

Senheiser RS RS Open Digital Wireless Headphones System

R 6,194.99

Roland RH-5 Headphones

R 689.99

Audio Technica ATH-M20X Professional Monitor Headphones

R 1,007.99

Audio Technica - ATH-W1000Z Headphones

R 12,589.99

American Audio BL-60B Headphones

R 1,494.99