Rapid Review of the Aputure Amaran M9 LED Video Light

by Order Now on August 06, 2018

The new Aputure Amaran M9 is a compact LED camera light which is also very lightweight. This makes the light ideal for use in tight situations like run and gun video or for macro photography. The light is perfect for example to use in tight areas, like filming a bride putting on makeup. You can also use the light to act as fill-in lighting to thus complement your existing lighting setup.

Aputure M9 Mini LED Video Light

Very Compact
The first thing you can’t help but notice is the Aputure Amaran M9s compact design. The light only weighs 140 grams, and is about the size of a credit card; this in terms of its dimensions. Such a small design makes it very easy to carry around, versus traditional LED lights, as you can literally keep it in your pocket ready to go. This allows for a great deal of versatility, as you can whip it out and be up and running in just a few seconds, for any situation that calls for some extra illumination.

Aputure Amaran M9 LED Video Light

Good Battery Life
We like that the light comes with a built-in lithium-ion battery. However, this is both a pro and a con. On the pro side, this makes the light good value as you do not have to spend more money on getting extra batteries. The con is that you can’t simply change batteries when the lights built-in battery dies, and will thus require a recharge before it can be used again. However, the M9 does offer decent battery life to compensate for this. The battery the Aputure Amaran uses is a 3.7V, 1800mAh lithium-ion battery. What this means is that at maximum brightness the light will last around 2 hours, which should be more than suitable for most situations where such a light is required.

Aputure M9 Mini LED Video Light

Very Powerful for Size
The Aputure Amaran M9 is very powerful for its size. The light makes use of 9 high-efficiency television lighting consistency index (TLCI) 95+ surface mounted diode (SMD) light emitting diodes (LEDs). This is a better technology than the first generation dual in-line package (DIP) LEDs. The SMD type LEDs are mounted on an aluminium substrate and enveloped in an epoxy resin which makes them far more robust and much brighter than traditional LEDs. The Aputure Amaran M9 uses this to its advantage getting good lumen per square meters (lux) readings for such a tiny device. At 0.3m the Aputure Amaran M9 gets 900 Lux, at 0.5m 350 Lux and at 1m 80 Lux.

Aputure M9 Mini LED Video Light

Final Thoughts
Overall we feel confident to recommend the Aputure Amaran M9 as an advantageous tool for most videographers or macro photographers. It offers one a great deal of versatility, increasing quality of production, without having to spend a great deal of money or carry around heavy extra equipment. Visit us to come and see for yourself.