Rapid Review of the Godox AD200 Flash

by Order Now on September 07, 2018

We recently had the opportunity to test the Godox AD200 flash. These were our thoughts on it, presented here in our rapid review. Overall, we were pleasantly surprised by this flash. Both in terms of its' price point as well as its' versatility. 

Power and Portability
The Godox AD200 comes with an internal lithium battery and charger. The 2900MAH battery is capable of taking 500 fully powered flash shots. We liked this as it increases the portability of the flash and gives a lot of opportunity for use in the field or mobile studio situation. This without the need to carry around an extra battery pack and having to run cumbersome wires.

The Godox AD200 has a 2900MAH lithium battery.

The Godox AD200 is also fairly compact and can be carried around in most kit bags, or even your pocket, which is handy for travelling or meeting on location for a shoot. This portability and versatility are echoed in the range of accessories available for the Godox AD200. 

Godox AD200 is a very portable flash available at OrderNow.co.za

Accessories and Versatility
There are a wide array of accessories for the Godox AD200 which can be integrated with other tools or brands if needed, using different mounts. Firstly, the flash comes with a bracket to mount it on a stand or boom arm for easy positioning. This is handy when mounting the flash to a Godox boom reflector, as you can then use it on location with an assistant and hold it up to the appropriate angle in any conditions. 

Secondly, the flash can be used with an array of reflectors, filters and diffusers such as a beauty dish reflector, a softbox, a grid or a tunnel to gain the specific effect you need. The s-type bracket is also useful, for using the Godox AD200 indoors or outdoors as it can be used not only with the Godox flash but also with some of your existing flashes using mounts as stated above. 

There are a wide variety of accessories available at OrderNow.co.za for the Godox AD200

Thirdly, the standard flash head can be swapped out for a flash tube. This is handly as it emits a specular light as opposed to the standard wide flash of a normal Speedlite. If using the flash tube in conjunction with a reflector or softbox, then the flash tube bulb transforms the Godox AD200 into a studio like flash. 

There Godox AD200 can be used with a flash tube.

Ease of Use
The Godox AD200 is very easy to use. The controls are on the back and are very clear, with familiar readouts. The flash also can be used with existing flash triggers such as the Canon ex-pro triggers or Canon e1 TTL flash triggers. So if you already own these, you don't need to get an additional trigger set. 

The Godox AD200 available at OrderNow.co.za is easy and clear to use.

Some Dislikes
There is not much we didn't like about the Godox AD200. Especially at the price point when you think this light offers 4x the power of a mounted flash at nearly half the price point. If we had to be picky we would, however, say that you will need to have a trigger for the light that matches your specific brand of camera. Also, the light does not come with a hot shoe foot as some other brands do. But that said it is not really designed to be used as a mounted camera flash so we can understand this. 

Final Thoughts
This is a no-nonsense flash, offered at a good price, that does almost everything you could want from an external flash. Both for indoor and outdoor shots. The price point is excellent and offers very good value when compared to other brands flash units. It is much cheaper and more powerful than most of these other options. The build quality is good and the design well conceived. Overall, besides a few small gripes, we don't think you can really go wrong with the Godox AD200. It is very nice for the price and wins hands down for us. 

We would recommend buying the Godox AD200 at OrderNow.co.za. It's very good.