Rapid Review of the Aputure Light Storm LS 1/2w

by Order Now on August 06, 2018

Aputure Light Storm LS 1/2w Likes
1.) Compact and portable: the Aputure Light Storm is easy to carry around and does not take up to much space. At the same time, it is powerful and offers many features found only on more expensive lights.

2.) Excellent build quality: the light has a premium feel, with most of it made of metal alloy. Those few areas that are plastic use a high-quality, robust plastic.

3.) Ultimate control: we like that the light can be operated from its’ control box, via its wireless 2.4 GHz remote control or can be hooked up to a lighting board controller via its DMX ports. You will always be able to adjust its settings quickly in any situation.

4.) Wide beam angle: the 120-degree beam angle allows for more evenly distributed lighting over a larger area than traditional LED video lights. Since it is compact, this also means it can fit in small spaces and illuminate them adequately.

5.) Silent operation: many similar lights use cooling fans which can make a noise. This is not ideal when you are trying to record sound on the go. The Light Storm uses a large heatsink on the rear of the light to diffuse heat. So it is entirely silent.

Aputure Light Storm Pro Video Light

Aputure Light Storm LS 1/2w Dislikes
1.) The one small negative we have is that this light does not use a solid diffuser, but rather diffuser papers. Using papers is more portable and lighter, but it can come across as a bit fidgety. Aputure has at least gone to lengths to ensure that these papers provide the correct colour temperature. This is not a huge issue and can be resolved quickly by using a separate diffuser.

Aputure Light Storm Pro Video Light

Final Thoughts
Overall, we feel this is an excellent value for money light. It offers capabilities and features that are unbeatable in this price range. To get most of the features this light offers, you would need to pay a whole lot more. In our tests, it functions well and offers a very portable quick option for most on the fly lighting situations.